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Proctor: An Automation Orchestrator

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Amazon had an insane requirement. Every product added to cart should never be missed. Lo and Behold! DynamoDB was born.

Insane requirements drive the best innovation

Proctor, a developer friendly automation orchestrator, was born out of similar requirements:

  • Centralize automation across org
  • Democratize contribution to automation
  • Democratize utilization of automation

To Log or Not to Log

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Anyone who has been on production support can testify that time taken to resolve issues is inversely proportional to effectiveness of application logs. To understand what to log and more importantly what not, read ahead!

Humane and Effective Ways for Collecting Feedback

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This blogpost will probably change your mind if:

  • you think ratings matter while collecting feedback
  • feedback you gather isn’t based on dynamic parameters
  • your system doesn’t incentivize users giving honest and thoughtful feedback

Disclaimer: This blogpost is oriented towards systems providing services catered to a huge audience through various service providers. (e.g. Go-Jek, Amazon, Uber, etc.) The principles maybe applied to other systems as well.


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I believe every decision we make in our lives, we make in order to have One Less Thing To Worry About.