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I believe every decision we make in our lives, we make in order to have One Less Thing To Worry About.

It is very simple. From the start, our parents educate us; try to inculcate good values into us. The only goal they are trying to achieve is that we’ll have less things to worry about when we grow up. That is how this philosophy seeps into our mind.

Ofcourse there is a trade-off between long-term and short-term goals. When we keep persisting despite failures, it will be beneficial in the long-term. When we decide to give up and give-in to distraction, it is beneficial in the short-term. But the goal is simple - olttwa.

Many a times, we realize much later that our decisions have given rise to hundred more things to worry about. For example, fertilizers have caused imbalance in the biological ecosystem; automation has given rise to unemployment and many more.

I am learning to design sustainable systems. Please comment here, reach out to me on akshat.iitj@gmail.com, or twitter if you wish to discuss anything.